"Evaluation is creation: hear it, you creators! Evaluating is itself the most valuable treasure of all that we value. It is only through evaluation that value exists: and without evaluation the nut of existence would be hollow. Hear it, you creators!"  Friedrich Nietzsche

Evaluation/feedback checklist: 

  • Did you introduce yourself at the beginning?
  • Did you highlight your strengths and/or achievements?
  • Did you emphasize why you would be the perfect candidate?
  • Is the sound quality ok?
  • Is video quality good enough?
  • Have you showed your video to at least 5 people (friends, colleagues, family, industry people…?) and got their feedback?
  • Do you think some people might find it inconsiderate or offensive?
  • Do you think that core competencies are highlighted?
  • Do people recognise you in the video? Is the video authentic and personal?


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