Each colleague is unique: what motivates who?

Linked to the self-determination theory and intrinsic motivation, you need to first understand their specific motivations and needs. The idea of "what's in it for me?".

Each colleague has unique motivations and professional goals, and it is critical to understand how media literacy might help them achieve them. Some may be motivated to improve student engagement and competences, whereas others may be interested in expanding their own professional development. Or you just need to learn how to implement media literacy because of the curriculum.

Media Profile Test

As you already took the Media Profile Test, this can also help you to let colleagues reflect on their profile and your colleague's motivation. Gather your colleagues around a coffee where they can take the test. Afterwards, discuss each person's profile and ask questions about their plans to implement media literacy in the upcoming month.

Digital Learning Motivation Quiz for Educators

The "Digital Learning Motivation Quiz for Educators" is a tool that assesses teacher reflecting on their own motivations, educators can tailor their instruction to meet student needs. Whether driven by empowering students, fostering informed citizenship, or equipping them with essential skills, these motivations fuel educators' commitment to evolving media literacy instruction.

After taking the quiz, indivdually or in group, you will get one of the 12 profiles: Techie, Professional, Tastemaker, Professor, Activist, Teacher 2.0, Alt, Trendsetter, Watchdog, Demystifier, Motivator and Spirit Guide. More on the profile on the website https://setyourmotivation.com/ or take the quiz below.

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