The school as a part of society

As you reach the end of the module series, all the knowledge you've gained comes together. You now understand:

  • What media literacy is.
  • Why it deserves attention.
  • How to teach media literacy effectively.
  • Ways to involve your colleagues in the process.

You've learned about the importance of media literacy on both micro and meso levels. Schools don't operate in isolation; they're mini-societies where various people, ideas, and cultures converge. It's crucial to view them as integral parts of the broader society. 

As a school, you encounter various media literacy issues today, and sooner or later, questions or situations will arise where having a clear plan of action is essential.

In this final module, you will learn:

  • gain insight into how to work on media literacy at a school level. 
  • understand why a whole-school approach on media literacy can be beneficial. 

Let’s explore how you can embed media literacy at a school level.

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