I might have to because of the curriculum

Many schools and education systems have made media literacy a part of their curriculum. Though it’s often not that well-known by teachers and staff.

As said in the video, media literacy can be addressed in various ways across various subjects. It can be a subject on its own or embedded in a transversal way throughout the curriculum.

In the previous module, we also mentioned the DigCompEDU model, composed by the European Commission. There is also an expectation on a European level to work on media literacy with students and to be a media literate teacher.

Check your own curriculum

Nothing better than reflecting on your own school or education curriculum. You’ve already learnt about 5 areas about media education based on the DigCompEDU model: 

  • Information skills 
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Creating digital content
  • Security and responsible use
  • Solving digital problems

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