Module 3: Principles & Guidelines to Create Online Learning

Let's assume you want to design a new online course, create an online learning module or develop an online class. By the time you have made this decision, you usually have an idea of the learning content you want to convey in this online course or class. This is great - but wait! As with any teaching, you need to decide which online learning scenario best suits your pedagogical approach and resources, and then structure the content. Structure is particularly important in online courses, as the preparation of the learning content and the interaction with your learners must be carefully planned in line with the needs of your target learners. Intuitive adaptation or spontaneous interaction with your learners are not or only to a limited extent possible. Therefore, choosing and designing your online learning scenario carefully based on the analysis of your learners (needs) are the key success factors! And this module guides you step by step through this process.  


Isabella and Pim will introduce this module and frame how course design and multimedia are connected in this module.

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